Ultra Running Interview With Expert Warren Pole

Join us at 5pm Monday March 11 and ask Warren your OWN ultra running questions

5pm Monday March 11

warren pole 300x198 Ultra Running InterviewOn Monday March 11 at 5pm I’ll be interviewing ultra-running expert Warren Pole.

Warren has run the Marathon des Sables and the 150 mile Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc and I’ll be grilling him on all aspects of this extreme end of an otherwise perfectly sensible sport.

Warren only started running a few years ago and as well as having an incredible story to tell, he’s also a very funny guy so expect this to be an entertaining interview.

We’ll be covering all of this and more:

  • The ultra running mindset
  • How to physically prepare for events that range from 40 miles to 150 miles
  • Getting started in ultra running – the first steps
  • On-the-run nutrition and hydration
  • Special kit requirements

Plus, when you register (for free, by the way) you’ll get to ask Warren your own questions.

If you’re curious about ultra running or have been doing it a while and want to hear some expert tips make sure you enter your email in the box on the right and tune in live on Monday March 11 at 5pm.

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