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Discover how 'they' manage to stay so sickeningly motivated ALL of the time, and learn how YOU can mimic most of their of their proven strategies

Learn the secrets of deep inspiration from Gerry Duffy, Catherina McKiernan, Warren Pole and George Anderson

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The ebb and flow of motivation is a familiar rhythm for most runners.

We can feel invincible for months at a time and then suddenly feel inexplicably resistant to the idea of going for a run, let alone train for an event.

The peaks and troughs of The Running Mojo are part and parcel of a runner’s life, but some individuals seem to have cracked the code for an endless stream of inspiration.

At The Running Mojo in Dublin, 4 such people came together to share their unique stories

“After being at the Running Mojo and listening to the 4 of ye speak, I now know that I’ll finish the 254 km Jungle marathon barring injuries of course and it doesn’t seem as daunting as it was prior to Saturday”

- Brian Lynch

“As a former endurance athlete, who has spent the last 5 years on the sofa, The Running Mojo event was just the right tonic, and I am sure the practical lessons learned on the day will seed a solid return to the arena over the coming days, weeks, months and decades”

- Colin Faulkner

“Very Inspiring & motivating day oozing with detail and information”

- Gary Martin

“Brilliant. Really enjoyed it. Didn’t think I could listen to one person speak for a full hour, but couldn’t believe how quickly it passed. Each session kept my full attention. Was dying to get running on Sunday!”

- Grainne Dileen

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Gerry Duffy
 Gerry Duffy, author of Tick, Tock, Ten and Who Dares Runs ran 32 marathons in 32 days, and completed 10 back to back iron-distance triathlons in 10 days .

He had the audience on the edge of its seat with his stories of how he tapped into the limitless strength of his mind to overcome the physical challenges in his way.

He kept the room captivated with stories that illustrated the role his mindset played in his success, and how simple strategies can make such an enormous difference.

What Gerry has achieved in the world of endurance sports is almost unparalleled, but he showed how the exact same mental tricks and techniques can apply to YOUR challenge.

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Warren Pole
 Ultra-runner and journalist Warren Pole has spent years following some of the world’s most self-motivated athletes,  adventurers, and survival experts.

Over this time he has accumulated an incredible amount of wisdom about how ‘they’ do it, on everything from mental toughness

He shared golden nuggets from characters such as Sir Chris Hoy and Mark Cavendish, and Sir Ranulph Fiennes’s famous ‘Man Up’ story when asked 

Stories and lessons that have helped him run some of the world’s longest foot races including Marathon des Sables and the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc.

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Catherina McKiernan
 Catherina McKiernan lit up the room with her story of how her passion to run around the lanes close to her home in Caven lead to a glittering career in cross country and the marathon, an event she still holds the Irish record for.

Her presentation was a punctuated with accounts of how her mindset had such a huge role to play in her success, and it was very easy to see how many of these could be channelled directly by ‘ordinary runners’.

Catherina then took a practical masterclass in Chi-running technique and posture, delivered with a combination of precision and humour.

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George Anderson
 Host George Anderson lead the audience through a powerful NLP technique to anchor their motivation.

A trigger that when fired, would create a rush of intense motivation and control.

Handy to have at that point in the run where you feel you need to step it up a gear but the voices in your head are trying to persuade you otherwise.

George was also the organiser & host for the event, and is well known for his motivating and entertaining style.

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Following the individual presentations a panel Q&A was held, where the speakers took it in turns to answer questions from the audience.

The buzz and energy in the room was palpable throughout each of the presentations, and those who shared in the day were unified in boosted Running Mojo.

Now YOU can experience the same double dose of mental power: the bundle of strategies you will take away from this DVD PLUS the intangible but very real renewed sense of passion for running and for life.

Order your copy of The Running Mojo DVD Today For Just €29.97

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“World class event; they each took their own time to get into stride but when they did it was like silk. Genuine enthusiasm for their respective subjects and the most amazing thing is that they are ALL so down to earth. There were no false smiles or laughs even after the event. I think they are all amazing in their own right and I will be taking a lot away from the session to bring into my own life. If I never hear them or see them again I am enriched from the experience, now it comes down to me and what I choose to do with it”

- Gareth Wooster

“An absolute must attend event for anyone who has an interest of a sporting nature. Not just for runners, this event will offer inspiration & motivation to all”

- John Rawl

“I was expecting a very informative day and it delivered big time. I felt Catherina McKiernan was brilliant. Her down to earth manner didn’t dim her passion for running. Gerry Duffy was as inspirational as I thought he would be and it was great to meet the man behind the book”

- Kevin O’Donoghue

“George, once again you pulled the rabbit out of the hat. For someone like me who is only a mid forty minute 10ker (at the minute i may add as im gonna be an early forty minute 10ker after this!!!) to be able to sit in the same room as the very talented speakers and suck up all the experience i cant thank you enough.”

- Ned Campbell

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