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On February 1, a unique event took place in Dublin at the Castleknock Hotel.

Focused solely on paying into the inspirational bank accounts of runners, The Running Mojo was an series of presentations from Gerry Duffy, Catherina McKiernan, Warren Pole & myself (George Anderson).


First up was ultra runner and top journalist Warren Pole, who shared some of the lessons he had learned, through years of interviewing and talking to the world’s greatest endurance athletes.

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Warren Pole

Tips from Ranulph Fiennes, Chris Hoy, Mark Cavendish and ultra runner Sebastien Chaigneu.  

What he has discovered about what drives the most committed and determined athletes in the world, and the lessons we can take to apply to our own world.

My presentation was next and we focused on the connection between your thoughts, your feelings and your physiology.

We created anchors to fire at will during a training session, when we really need to summon up the extra 10% and push ourselves harder.

Catherina McKiernan’s presentation was a combination of stories from the ups and downs of her International careers as one of the world’s best cross country and marathon runners.

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Catherina McKiernan

She had everybody in the room captivated by her stories of set backs and comebacks, grit and determination, mindset and drive.  

Stories as recent as just the other weekend, where she got up from a fall during a race to come back and finish much stronger than ever.

Our fourth presenter of the day was Gerry Duffy, who talked about what it took to run 32 marathons in 32 days in 2010, and then 10 iron-distance triathlons in 10 days the following year.

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Gerry Duffy

I’ve read his book and interviewed the man several times, but I was on the edge of my seat throughout as he drew parallels between athletic achievement and every other aspect of life.

The day finished with a panel Q&A

Each of the guests took it in turn to answer questions from the audience on subjects such as coping with injury and what to do when you fail to reach your goals.

From the first moment to 6 hours later at the very end, everybody’s attention was transfixed on the speakers.

“The mix of presenters” was widely regarded as being one of the key ingredients for the success of the day. 

Every moment captured for you…

From start to finish, Cork-based production company Southernman Films were there to capture every moment and over the next 2 weeks they will br creating a DVD of the event.

 The Running Mojo DVDThe DVD won’t be physically ready until the end of February, but if you order before midnight tonight, February 2, you can get a pre-launch copy for less than €20 (+p&p).

Of course you could wait and order your copy after the event – I’m sure that many people will.

But if you order before midnight tonight you can take advantage of the special pre-launch offer of just €19.97 + p&p and you’ll be sent your priority DVD whilst it’s still warm off the press.

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