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Turn An Incredible Day Into An Unforgettable Experience; Rub Shoulders With The People Behind The Personalities With This Exclusive VIP Running Mojo Upgrade

Given that The Running Mojo is ALL about motivation and inspiration, you might be wondering how it can possibly be ‘upgraded’.

You’re already joining us at this incredible event on February 1 (you’ll only be seeing this page if you’ve booked your seat!) and I’m sure that you’re as excited about it as I am.

But I want to offer you the chance to turn an incredible day into an unforgettable experience.

We’ve got some of the finest speakers and inspirational role models taking the stage on at the Castleknock Hotel, sharing their energy and passion with you.

You can expect that tingly feeling to be constantly running up and down your spine throughout the day.

Feelings and emotions you will draw on for months and even years to come when you need that extra boost to your flagging motivation.

THAT is the Running Mojo.

But I want to amplify those feelings.

I want you to turbocharge your experience so that you deposit 10x the Mojo into your inspirational bank account.

I’d love to say this is something that money can’t buy, but truth be told… I’ve put something together so those of you who want to rub shoulders with legends of running CAN do just that.

vip access 300x58 The Running Mojo

What is the VIP Upgrade?

First of all I want to invite you and just 19 other smart VIPs to join Gerry, Catherina, Warren and Anna for a private lunch.

You’ll get to ask your own questions and discover the real people behind the personalities.

Having said that, I know these guys personally and what you see on the stage is exactly what you get in ‘real life’.

But even so, this will be one lunch date you’ll never forget.

As a VIP you’ll get the full rock star treatment including front row seats at the event to ensure that you don’t miss a second of the action.

In fact, here’s a break down of how your day is going to look:

– You’ll arrive at the hotel between 0930 and 1000 to join Gerry, Catherina, Anna & Warren for a coffee in the ‘green room’. If you’d like to arrive earlier you’ll be free to use the luxurious spa area of the hotel.

– When we open the doors to the room you will be escorted through a separate door to your front row seats.

– At lunch all 20 of the VIP guests will disappear off and join the presenters for a private lunch where you’ll hear more of their inspiring stories.

– There’ll be an opportunity to have your photograph taken with them after lunch before returning to the main room.

– Everybody attending The Running Mojo will receive a goody bag, but of course YOURS will be supercharged with a few surprises 😉

– A couple of weeks after the event a copy of the official DVD from the day & a bound copy of the transcription of all the presentations will drop through your letterbox so you can relive the day and draw on the inspiration any time you like.

This really will be an unforgettable experience but there is a strict limit of just 20 places for this special VIP Upgrade.

Don’t worry if this isn’t for you

I’m sure you’ll agree that The Running Mojo is looking pretty incredible just as it is, and MOST people won’t want to take this special package.

But what I have found is that the more powerful the experience the greater the impression it leaves.

  • Will moving up to the VIP level make you a faster runner?
  • Will it turn you into a bionic, injury-proof machine?
  • Will running suddenly become effortless?

I shouldn’t have thought so, but then this isn’t that kind of workshop.

This is about how much value you get out of your running (and in many cases your life ‘cos there are huge parallels between the two).

Let me guess…

You don’t care about winning races

If you are like most runners I work with, your main goal with running isn’t to win races.

Sure, beating times is fun and exciting, but if I told you that no matter how much training you did you would never get any faster, you would almost certainly continue to run regardless.

Hard to explain that to a non-runner, but you get what I’m saying.

No matter how passionate you are about running there can still be periods where you tell yourself that you ‘can’t be arsed’, and so you miss out on the amazing feelings of freedom and personal challenge.

The Running Mojo is a mind-game changing event and this is your invitation to amplify it.

People will ask ‘did you go to The Running Mojo?’.

If you want to proudly answer that you had a front row seat, you won’t want to miss this opportunity.

vip access 300x58 The Running Mojo

I know that the VIP package isn’t going to be for everybody, but if you’re still reading all the way down here I imagine that right now you’re mulling it over in your mind.

You’re probably picturing yourself there at the front of the room, or hearing the chat over lunch with the guys, or just experiencing that feeling of being extra special for the day.

If you’re already there mentally, it’s time to pull the trigger

Here’s a really quick reminder of what you and the other VIPs will receive:

– Front row seats so you don’t miss a single Joule of energy

– Lunch with the presenters so that you can find out more about what really drives them

– ‘Hanging out’ in the green room with the presenters before the show

– Signed copy of Gerry Duffy’s book Tick, Tock, Ten (currently jostling in the top 3 of best running books I’ve ever read)

– Copy of the official DVD from the day, and a bound copy of the presentation transcriptions so you can relive it as many times as you like

– Upgraded goody bag with special gifts

– Rock star treatment for the entire day – a money-can’t-buy experience that money CAN buy.

Oh, and if you’re upgrading a loved one for Christmas and would like a voucher to present next Wednesday morning just let me know and I’ll organise it for you.

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