Get To The Start Line Of Your Next Marathon Fresh And Raring To Go For A PB, After Just 16 Weeks Of Running 3 Days A Week

Let’s get one thing straight, marathon running is bloody hard work.

Nobody gets a free pass when it comes to 26.2 miles and whilst it is physically possible to turn up and run without specific preparation, it’s neither a pleasant experience nor advisable.

I should know, I tried to hack the system myself back in 2008 and IT HURT – A LOT - but I’ll tell you more about that shortly.

It doesn’t matter how many marathons you’ve done or if this is your first, we still all have the same kind of fears and doubts
  • “Will I make it round?”
  • “Will I beat the time I ran last year?”
  • “How will I stay motivated for long enough to train for the race?”
  • “How do I avoid getting injured?”
  • “Will I be able to fit all the training in?”
  • “What do I eat to fuel my training?”
  • “26.2 miles: that’s a bloody long way!”


It’s not even like it’s just the day itself that you have to worry about.  In fact that’s the least of your problems: it’s the four months beforehand that are the REAL challenge.

Four months! Some marriages don’t last that long.

Four months of your life, dedicated to running around and regularly walking like John Wayne.  Are you insane?

If you’re considering training for a marathon you probably do have one or two screws loose but hey, I’m not here to judge!

If you write down your own fears and doubts about running a marathon you’ll probably find that they all boil down to one thing:

The Fear Of Failure

marathon fail1 AiMarathonImagine: you tell everybody you’re going to run a marathon and then you find it HARD.

Not only that, but you find it impossible to fit in all the training and end up quitting.

People will call you a failure and you’ll be chased out of town.

Alright that’s not actually going to happen but nobody likes to fail at stuff so it’s far safer not to try in the first place.

But you ARE doing this.

You DO have a marathon dream.

‘Just get around’ or beat your personal best – either way you want to succeed so you need a plan of action.

Once you’ve made the commitment to get marathon-ready, it’s time to make the next big decision: which program are you going to trust to guide you

I’m going to assume that you’re on this website because you’re in “search mode” for your perfect plan.

This is a good thing.


Most runners spend more time choosing the colour of their t-shirt than they do their training plan so it’s good to see you taking time to weigh up your options.

They either settle for some free program from the website of the marathon they’ve entered for, or scan the Internet for something else to can download, print out and then try and follow.

But training for a marathon is a huge investment, and I’m not talking about money.

Yes there are a few financial costs you need to make like the race entry, clothing and footwear and possibly even training advice but the biggest investment is something you can never get back:

time AiMarathon

Marathon training takes up a fair chunk of your free time; after all, those long runs aren’t going to take care of themselves!

If we accept that there WILL be a time investment it makes sense to be absolutely positive that every footstep and every minute of your training is going to contribute to your marathon result.

Nobody likes wasting time, and there’s a smug satisfaction that comes from knowing you’re training intelligently and constantly making progress towards your goals.

This is why getting the right program from day one should be an absolute priority.

Although it’s not complicated, there IS more to training for a marathon than just gradually building up the miles each week and having a bit of a taper at the end.

More and more runners are starting to recognise this, scouring the ‘net, doing their research and then putting together an assortment of training sessions, nutrition strategies and supplementary body conditioning exercises.

If you have the time to try and figure out all the “secrets” for yourself then this is an excellent strategy – after all we learn a lot from our mistakes and I’ve certainly made a few along the way.

imara screenshot1 AiMarathon

However, most people don’t like to make unnecessary mistakes, especially not when they result in a great deal of pain which is why I created the Intelligent Marathon coaching program.

I wanted to systemise ALL the elements of training for a marathon, not just dictate the number of miles you should run each week.

I’m going to explain more about how the Intelligent Marathon coaching program can help you overcome all of your fears and doubts in just a minute, but first let me quickly do the whole “here’s who I am and why you should listen to me” bit.

George Anderson Crop Hi Res small AiMarathonMy name is George Anderson and when I was 8 years old my dad took me out for my first run.  Ever since then I’ve been hooked and in 2002 I started a personal training company, working with people to help develop their running, fitness and weight loss.

Over the years I’ve done everything from cross country to steeplechase, 400m to 3000m on the track, and 5k to marathon.

Truth be told I’ve only really been doing marathons for the last 2 years, that “experiment” back in 2008 that I mentioned earlier was because I wanted to experience what this “wall” was that I kept hearing runners talk about.

Hey I’m sure you’ve done some strange things in your life too!

So I’d gone over to Dublin for the expo because I was there with an online clothing business I was running at the time – Run Republic – and figured I may as well do the race whilst I was there.

I think I’d done a one longish run in preparation and the rest of my “training” had been sporadic runs of much shorter distances.  I still had my usual base fitness but NOTHING like I needed to get me round 26.2 miles!

I lined up, went out far too quick (a really common mistake I was to learn later!) and then at about 21 miles my legs just stopped working.

I mean they actually stopped.  They refused to move until I’d stretched out some of the cramps and then I combined walking with more stretch stops and the occasional lollop for the next few miles, and eventually crossed the line a broken wreck.

After that experience I became fascinated by the art of marathon training.  I already knew a lot of the science (I knew it would hurt to run that marathon I just didn’t expect to be completely debilitated!) but I wanted to investigate the other aspects of the distance.

I wanted to discover how mindset could have an effect on marathon running.  Nutrition, body conditioning, flexibility.

I also wanted to know why there were so many programs out there that had recreational runners pounding the streets 6 days a week; all the evidence I’d seen in my time as a runner and a trainer pointed towards recovery being a key component of success for most normal runners and running every day was just way too much.

I’m not talking elite runners here – those machines are genetically programmed to operate on a different level to us mortals – I’m talking ordinary people like you and me.

Anyway we’ll come back to this point later.

As I was working with a lot of runners by this time I found that I was often repeating myself.

Everyone I spoke to had the same frustrations, the same questions and the same fears and doubts

Also I was only really able to work a relatively small number of people who could get to my 1:1 sessions or to one of my live workshops.

So in 2011 I decided to create my ultimate marathon training guide: the Intelligent Marathon Program.

The Intelligent Marathon Program


The iMarathon is more than just a scrap of paper with a bunch of training sessions written on it.

To perform at your best, not only do you need a variety of different sessions you need to understand what each session is trying to achieve.

At the end of the day, you’ll be out there on those roads on your own, making decisions about pace, about refuelling and rehydrating.

The iMarathon covers all your bases: nutrition, body conditioning and injury prevention, mindset and motivation, a full explanation of each session and each phase of the program and incredibly full support through a dedicated coaching forum.

The actual session plan is a tiny part of the coaching program, which is why I’m so happy to share it with you.


Why am I giving you the program for FREE?

It’s like this.  Do you remember learning to drive a car?

Well your marathon program is the car.

It might get you from A to B but unless you understand how to drive the thing it’s going to be a pretty bumpy road.

With the Intelligent Marathon you get the car, a set of driving lessons, and a service manual.  And leather seats, and a sat nav, and LOADS of cup holders… ok you get the picture!

Here’s what the Intelligent Marathon does:
  • Gives you confidence in every aspect of your preparation – fewer fears and doubts
  • Reduces injury chances as we focus on quality rather than quantity of training, therefore more chance of actually making it to the start line
  • Makes it easier to fit your training into a busy lifestyle, as we recommend ONLY three runs a week
  • Removes the worry about what to eat – we take care of that as well and show you exactly how to prepare your food to fuel your marathon
  • Gives you peace of mind – not just by trusting and believing in the program but because you have 24 hour access to the private coaching forum where you can ask any questions you may have
  • Supports you.  Marathon training is very solitary so being a part of a supportive group of fellow runners who are all following the same plan is reassuring.  When your running buddy lets you down, the rest of the iRunning community are always there in the dedicated forum to pick you up
So what exactly IS the Intelligent Marathon program?


  • A private members only website where all the coaching content is stored so you don’t have to clog up your hard drive (though you can download everything if you want to)imarathon screengrab AiMarathon
  • 15 short video training modules explaining every aspect of the program.  These include overviews of each phase of the program, and exactly how each session should be approached to get the best results
  • A 16 week training program based on just three runs plus one body conditioning workout a week
  • All sessions run to time rather than distance
  • Downloadable PDF copies of each of the presentations
  • Video body conditioning exercise demonstrations, foam rolling and flexibility programs that will help you avoid picking up niggling injuries along the way
  • Nutrition program so you understand what to eat to fuel your training, plus the iMarathon refuelling and rehydrating strategy for the longer runs and race itself
  • facebook logo AiMarathonAccess to the private Facebook support group where you can speak to other runners on the same program, training for the same marathon as you, probably with the same questions and worries as you!
  • I’m personally on the forum most days so you can even ask me questions directly.  That means there’s no need to guess at anything: if you don’t understand something, you can just ask icon smile AiMarathon
  • Suitable for runners who are already capable of running for at least 40 minutes, though speed is not important.  The program has helped runners break 3 hours and others complete their first marathon in 5 hours

All of this (apart from the Facebook group of course) is housed within a private members website you get immediate access to, so you can start learning how to run your perfect marathon right away.

pixel AiMarathon
Q: How can the same program be suitable for beginners and experienced runners?

This is a great question and one I get asked all the time.  We run everything to TIME in the iMarathon, and not DISTANCE.

In other words, it doesn’t matter if you’re a 12 minute miler or a 7 minute miler: 3 hours for your longest run is still 3 hours, you just won’t go quite as far.

3 lots of 10 minutes at threshold intensity is the same for any level of runner; to get to the required intensity stronger runners just run a bit faster!

You’ll learn about pace selection and why it’s so important in some of the coaching modules so when you’re out there on the roads you have a definite plan in mind for that specific session.

Here’s what other runners are saying

To get a better idea of whether the program will be a good fit for YOU, here are a few runners who have tested it out already.

sinead flynn imarathon 171x300 AiMarathon

“The single biggest challenge for me was to avoid hitting the wall.  In a previous race I didn’t just hit it, I bounced off it!  Never in my life did I ever feel so terrible.  I’m always a very positive person but it took over my brain and turned me on myself.  All I was drinking was water and I didn’t eat anything at all during the race.

The iMarathon program didn’t just provide a sound running program, it included nutrition and hydration advice which I stuck to religiously and it paid off.  This time round I felt so strong at the end, the eating and drinking made such a difference.

I had hoped to finish in 4.20, but managed to pull a 4.12 out of the bag, which was a 36 minute improvement from my previous best!  I finished feeling strong, i got faster over the last few miles.”

- Sinead Flynn

helen dowdall AiMarathon

“My main challenge was finding time to fit in all the long runs normally associated with marathon programs, plus trying to run that bit faster to achieve my sub 4 hr goal

Because the iMarathon program only had one long run each week I was able to fit everything in, and the two shorter sessions assisted my body into believing that it could run faster.

I found that because I did not do as many long runs my legs were really fresh and ready to go for marathon day.  This was very different to friends who were following another program and they were tired by the time they got to marathon day.

This was my third marathon and I went from doing 4hrs 10 min last year to 3 hrs 57 mins this marathon so I improved by 13 minutes!”

- Helen Dowdall

fergus donohoe AiMarathon

“Running a marathon was something I had wanted to do for several years. The biggest challenge was getting up to that distance. Actually running for 4 hours or 26 miles seemed overwhelming. I didn’t want to start into a marathon if I didn’t feel I could actually “run” the full distance.

There was a couple of things that appealed to me in the iMarathon program.  Firstly there was a clear objective to every running session whether it was a short run or a long one. Each time you put the running gear on you had something specific to work on.

Secondly distance is never mentioned in iMarathon. Short or long run, you are running for a defined period of time at a specific intensity.  Before you know it you’re running distances that once seemed out of reach in really respectable times.

Half way through the program I became aware of my comfortable running pace and understood how that transferred into what I could hope to achieve in the marathon itself.

My training, a 10 mile race and a half marathon all pointed towards a target time of 3hrs 45mins.

At the Dublin Marathon on Monday that’s exactly what I crossed the line at.  A very happy man, although I don’t think I looked it at the time!”

- Fergus O’Donohoe

alison boyland AiMarathon

“I came to your workshop and bought the iMarathon as a third and last ditched attempt to do a marathon.  The previous two attempts had ended in injury at about 16 miles with a long enforced running-free period with lots of physio and a huge amount of frustration.

I simply wondered whether I had it in me. Being 47 and a  relatively latecomer to any sports I wondered whether I should just stick to a half marathon.

Instead the program gave me a structure with specific instruction not to do too many miles.

Looking back, I had clearly added too many extra runs thinking more would strengthen me and did not heed the need for rest time.  This time I also did the additional exercises which helped strengthen without putting extra strain on my tendons.

This meant that I got to the start line for the first time!  I had such a fantastic day and I remained on a high for weeks. I was in the last pen to start with all the weird and huge costumes around me. It did mean a slower start than I expected but I smiled all the way as proven by the official photos!

I completed it in 4 hours and 39 minutes with not a single part of me injured.  Tired, but not in pain and ready to meet my much needed girly support for champagne ! Not bad as my goal was 4.30

I think it will remain my favourite day this year, Thank you George!”

- Alison Boyland

alvin sweeney AiMarathon

“My biggest challenge was trying to get my marathon times down. I was always unsure of other marathon programs & they seemed to lack so many details which for me provoked more questions than answers. So in the back of my mind I always wondered if I was doing everything correctly.

Very quickly the iMarathon program helped me overcome all these unanswered questions.

I understood what I needed to do to improve my times & had complete guidance with videos, blogs, info & access to the writer of the program to ask questions if I didn’t understand anything or if something was a little unclear.

After using the iMarathon program my PB improved by 14 mins. The next marathon improved by an additional 15 mins. I am hoping to knock another 16 minutes off my PB by the end of the year & I am confident that I will.

The single most important thing I learned was to stay focused & listen to my body.  If you that do the results will follow.”

- Alvin Sweeney

This trainer will set you back £80


If you want two of them, it’ll be a cool £160.

Of course you have to wear something on your feet when you run and it IS worth investing in good footwear but please for the love of everything holy don’t mistake price tag for suitable-for-you-ability.

The point is, there’s an unlimited amount of money you can spend on running (especially when you get into the NASA command centres you can get these days that tell you everything except when it’s time to stop and take a leak).

Running is free.  Always will be. But if you want more comfortable feet and fewer injuries, or a better real-time indication of how fast you’re running, or a better chance of achieving your goals you need to decide where you’re prepared to invest.

The Intelligent Marathon coaching program, is an investment of just £59 £35.

That’s effectively 16 weeks of coaching with me at just over £2 a week (not bad considering my 1:1 coaching program is £149 a month).

Get the Intelligent Marathon program today and get instant access to the coaching videos, nutrition program, body conditioning videos, flexibility and foam rolling videos, all the PDF downloads and dedicated Facebook support group for just £35

I’m so confident about how good the iMarathon is, and how it will help you run your best marathon ever, that I also have a crazy guarantee in place.

Our 30 day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Invest in the Intelligent Marathon coaching program today, watch all the coaching videos, download the program, nutrition guide, body conditioning, foam rolling and flexibility programs and if you STILL don’t have confidence that it will help you prepare successfully for your marathon just contact me directly and I’ll process a full refund

If you have a marathon coming up any time in 2013 now is the time to get prepared.

You don’t even have to start using the program right away but you can certainly start learning.  Once you’ve invested in it, the content is yours to keep and you’ll always have access to it.

You’ll also be invited into the private Facebook group regardless of when your race is, so you can begin benefitting from the advice and support right away.

So what happens next?

Next you need to decide whether you think you need the extra support, structure, advice and motivation that the Intelligent Marathon program will provide.

If you decide that the benefits of having everything I have described are greater than having £35 in your pocket, go ahead and hit the button below.

You’ll be redirected to PayPal and once you’ve finished over at there you’ll come back to this site where you can set up a username and password, for instant access to the juicy bits.

facebook logo AiMarathonWhen you’re inside the secure website, look for the Facebook button at the top of the main page and then zoom over there to join the group.

You can either say hello right away, or just have a nosey about and see what’s going on, but any time you need to ask me a question about your training though, that’s the place to go.

I really can’t wait to start helping you prepare for your next marathon, hit that link and let’s get started.

george sig AiMarathon

George Anderson

P.S. Four months is a long time to stay focused on a single goal.  Marathon training is tough and there will be times where you question your sanity as well as your ability.  You can struggle on your own, wondering if what you’re doing is working, trying to dodge the injuries and shin splints, guessing at which foods you should be eating and which stretches you should be doing.  Or you can give me £35 and let me teach you the tried and tested, step by step system of Intelligent marathon training.  Over to you

imarathon cd AiMarathon
Full marathon coaching program including nutrition, body conditioning, flexibility and foam rolling programs as well as full online support through private Facebook group
Price: €59.00
Price: €35.00

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