Eliminate The Confusion In Preparing For A Half Marathon, Ditch Up To 50% Of Your Runs, Learn The “Secrets” Of How To Run Faster (You’ll Soon Learn How Simple They Really Are!) And Get Ready For Some Personal Besting

Discover how to train, eat, strengthen and recover your way to faster half marathon times

Let’s get one thing out of the way right at the start: training for a half is NOT “half as much work” as training for a full marathon.

No matter how you slice it, running a half marathon is a big deal.

You dedicate 3 months of your life preparing for that one day, hoping that your body doesn’t break down before you get there.

If you’ve checked out most of the other schedules out there you’re probably wondering how on earth you’re going to find the time to fit in 5 or 6 runs a week, and more to the point how your poor old body is going to cope with it all!

Half marathon training takes commitment, patience, perseverance and sacrifice

The challenge of running a half marathon isn’t what happens on race day.

Yes, that’s where your performance is measured (even if you just want to “get round”), but the real test happens in the months that lead up to the Big Day.

Take a look at the full marathon.

Everybody knows that distance is going to be tough.

The half marathon on the other hand can sneak in under the radar a bit.

You know that 13.1 miles is a long way but it’s only when you get stuck into the training that you realise how much character you need to make it happen.

If you’re still keen after reading that (I’m not trying to put you off, but it’s important you know that half marathon training takes guts) then the next thing you need to decide is HOW you’re going to prepare for it.

It was with these challenges in mind that I developed the Intelligent Half Marathon coaching program

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In short, it’s a 12 week program that COACHES you through the process of preparing for your half marathon.

That’s to say, it doesn’t just tell you how far to run each day, it explains exactly how to tackle each session, how you should feel when you’re doing it and how to make sure you’re constantly progressing towards your goal.

Over the years I’ve written countless half marathon schedules and helped thousands of runners prepare for the event.

Until now however, I have been able to provide the full set of “tools” only to my personal clients.

Because of recent advances in the Internet, video and other technologies (and after much investment!) I am now able to deliver the same personal program at a fraction of the cost.

What it DOESN’T do is take away the hard work.  

I’m assuming that you’re expecting your training to be challenging.   You know that right?

So if you know you’re going to be working hard anyway you may as well make sure you get the best return on your training investment.

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Most people start off their training with bundles of enthusiasm and hope, but this starts to wear off after a few weeks.

What you’re left with then is the prospect of trying to stay motivated for a month or more, doing something you’re not even sure is working. (Hint: this is one of the major reasons most people quit BEFORE they even reach the start line!)

But imagine getting to that half marathon start line having spent 12 weeks LISTENING your body, LEARNING how faster running is just a simple process actually ENJOYING the whole journey.

Let me quickly tell you a little bit about who I am, and why I think I can help you.

George Anderson Crop Hi Res small AiHalfMarathonMy name is George Anderson and when I was 8 years old my dad took me out for my first run.  Ever since then I’ve been hooked and in 2002 I started a personal training company, working with people to help develop their running, fitness and weight loss.

Over the years I’ve done everything from cross country to steeplechase, 400m to 3000m on the track, and 5k to marathon.

In fact it was when I was on my year out from university (where I was training for the 400m) that I fancied a different challenge and entered for the Great North Run.

I didn’t really know how to train for it but I’ve always been a bit of a geek so I bought a load of running books and cobbled together a program.  (This was way before I became a running coach, and even before there any real information on the Internet!)

I loved the training and made it round in a shade under 1:20.

I didn’t do another long race for a couple of years when I got involved with the Reading Half Marathon, and apart from that first year when I raced it (made it round in 1:17 that time!) I’ve been the 1:30 pace maker.

I’ve also written a number of different training schedules, organised the whole team of pacemakers and done the warm up for this event, for the last 10 years.

In other words, having spoken to literally thousands of half marathon runners over the years, from elite athletes to 3 hour “plodders” and think would say I have a pretty good idea of the important ingredients in a training schedule.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

What is the Intelligent Half Marathon program and why is it different to all the other free programs you can instantly download from the Internet?


There is a BIG difference between having a sheet of paper in front of you with a 3 word description of the day’s training run, and having someone SHOW you exactly how to put the whole thing together.

To perform at your best, not only do you need a variety of different sessions you need to understand what each session is trying to achieve (otherwise how do you know you’re doing it right?).

At the end of the day, you’ll be out there on those roads on your own, making decisions about pace, about refuelling and rehydrating, and about how to interpret the signals your body is giving you.

The iHalf covers all your bases: nutrition, body conditioning and injury prevention, mindset and motivation, a full explanation of each session and each phase of the program and full support through a dedicated coaching forum.

Here’s what the Intelligent Half Marathon does:
  • Gives you confidence in every aspect of your preparation – fewer fears and doubts
  • Reduces injury chances as we focus on quality rather than quantity of training, therefore more chance of actually making it to the start line
  • Makes it easier to fit your training into a busy lifestyle, as we recommend ONLY three runs a week
  • Removes the worry about what to eat – we take care of that as well and show you exactly how to prepare your food to fuel your marathon
  • Gives you peace of mind – not just by trusting and believing in the program but because you have 24 hour access to the private coaching forum where you can ask any questions you may have
  • Supports you.  Half marathon training is very solitary so being a part of a supportive group of fellow runners who are all following the same plan is reassuring.  When your running buddy lets you down, the rest of the iRunning community are always there in the dedicated forum to pick you up
So what exactly IS the Intelligent Half Marathon program?
  • A private members only website where all the coaching content is stored so you don’t have to clog up your hard drive (though you can download everything if you want to)imarathon screengrab AiHalfMarathon
  • 15 short video training modules explaining every aspect of the program.  These include overviews of each phase of the program, and exactly how each session should be approached to get the best results
  • A 12 week training program based on just three runs plus one body conditioning workout a week
  • All sessions run to time rather than distance
  • Downloadable PDF copies of each of the presentations
  • Video body conditioning exercise demonstrations, foam rolling and flexibility programs that will help you avoid picking up niggling injuries along the way
  • Nutrition program so you understand what to eat to fuel your training, plus the iHalf refuelling and rehydrating strategy for the longer runs and race itself
  • facebook logo AiHalfMarathonAccess to the private Facebook support group where you can speak to other runners on the same program, training for the same marathon as you, and probably with the same questions and worries as you!
  • I’m personally on the forum most days so you can even ask me questions directly.  That means there’s no need to guess at anything: if you don’t understand something, you can just ask
  • Suitable for runners who are already capable of running for at least 40 minutes (at any pace).  The program has helped runners break 90 minutes and others complete their first half marathon in 2:30

All of this (apart from the Facebook group of course) is housed within a private members website you get immediate access to, so you can start learning how to run your perfect half marathon right away.

Here’s what other runners are saying

To get a better idea of whether the program will be a good fit for YOU, here are a few runners who have tested it out already.

“My biggest concern before I started was I had no idea whether the training I was doing was actually any good. I could knock out the miles but there wasn’t any science to it. It was just run and then the next week run a bit further. The biggest challenge was boosting my knowledge of how fast I could run so I didn’t have to set a slow pace to ensure I finished.

On the race day I ran, from my point of view, a perfect race. Every mile was exactly on schedule and I finished a full 7 minutes faster than my previous PB. Best of all I finished really well. Worst of all I know I could do it quicker. So my next race is already in the diary and the training weeks are already booked in. Now I know what to expect and what the aim of the training is all about”

- Martin Dix

“Before I purchased the program I was heading out running 5 times per week plus gym visits, but I was not getting any faster and I found that my energy and love for running was fizzling away because I was not getting any positive results and I thought I was doing everything right.

When I read your program I decided that I would give it a shot and I have to say it has been great.  I have a structured plan to follow now which is probably what I needed all along.  I have developed good muscle strength due to the body conditioning program and I knocked 5 mins off my PB in the last race I completed back in October and I hope to do even better in the next one in January!

I have now learned that going out and running without a plan or target in mind, really does not improve my running times, but focusing on different areas like, muscle strength, mind strength, speed targets and nutrition will, so thank you George!”

- Judith Landers

“Having never run a half marathon – the longest distance I’d run was 10k – I didnt really know where to start with the training. I was worried about the distance and how I would manage to put the hours in to train for that distance. So, when I saw that I could train with three runs a week and didn’t have to run further than 10 miles it sounded like it was something I could commit to.

I loved the hill runs, which suprised me and on the day, although there was only really one hill it was there that I managed to pick off about 12 people, so apart from crossing the finish line this was my high of the race! Also doing the thresholds meant that I could push that little bit harder at the finish.

I found it a lot easier to train as I could use the facebook site to ask questions, listen to other people’s experiences and get inspiration on the days that it was a bit harder to get the trainers on!

I had set my target at 2hrs 30mins and my time was 2.24, so I was six minutes faster than I had hoped.

- Marie Johnson 

Get the Intelligent Half Marathon program today and get instant access to the coaching videos, nutrition program, body conditioning videos, flexibility and foam rolling videos, all the PDF downloads and dedicated Facebook support group for just £35

I’m so confident about how effective the iHalf is, and how it will help you run your best half marathon ever, that I also have a crazy guarantee in place.

Our 30 day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Invest in the Intelligent Half Marathon coaching program today, watch all the coaching videos, download the program, nutrition guide, body conditioning, foam rolling and flexibility programs and if you STILL don’t have confidence that it will help you prepare successfully for your marathon just contact me directly and I’ll process a full refund

Act Today!

If you have a half marathon coming up any time in 2013 now is the time to get prepared.

You don’t have to start using the program right away but you can certainly start learning.  Once you’ve invested in the iHalf the information is yours to keep forever.

You’ll also be invited into the private Facebook group regardless of when your race is, so you can begin benefitting from the advice and support right away.

So what happens next?

Next you need to decide whether you think you need the extra support, structure, advice and motivation that the Intelligent Half Marathon program will provide.

If you decide that the benefits of having everything I have described are greater than having £35 in your pocket, go ahead and hit the button below.

You’ll be redirected to PayPal and once you’ve finished over at there you’ll be taken to the private members site where you can set up a username and password, for instant access to the juicy bits.

facebook logo AiHalfMarathonWhen you’re inside the secure website, look for the Facebook button at the top of the main page and then zoom over there to join the group.

You can either say hello right away, or just have a nosey about and see what’s going on, but any time you need to ask me a question about your training though, that’s the place to go.

I really can’t wait to start helping you prepare for your next half marathon, hit that link and let’s get started.

george sig AiHalfMarathon

George Anderson

P.S. Three months is a long time to stay focused on a single goal.  Half marathon training is tough and there will be times where you question your sanity as well as your ability.  You can struggle on your own, wondering if what you’re doing is working, trying to dodge the injuries and shin splints, guessing at which foods you should be eating and which stretches you should be doing.  Or you can exchange £35 for a tried and tested, step by step system of Intelligent half marathon training.  Over to you

imarathon cd AiHalfMarathon
Full half marathon coaching program including nutrition, body conditioning, flexibility and foam rolling programs as well as full online support through private Facebook group
Price: €49.00
Price: €35.00


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