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    Big Week (week 8)

    wild card 194x300 Big Week (W8)

    We’re getting towards the sharp end of the stick now, coming round that top bend about to smash it down the finishing straight.

    This is a huge week, and you’ll be getting faster with every run.

    You need to be paying extra attention to the details now like recovery (including sleep) and your diet.

    Tighten up these two training support systems and you’ll reap even more of the rewards from the graft you’re putting in on the roads.

    • Run 1: 30 minute Threshold (2 Wildcards)

      Yet another 5 minutes added on this week, but now you have the chance to use TWO Wildcards.

      This means the session could be as “easy” as 3×10 minutes with a minute recovery between.  Or with just 1 Wildcard you could hit 2×15 or 20, 10, or just Man Up and go the distance in a oner.

      Only kidding – take this session as you need to but I REALLY want you to concentrate on getting that intensity to Threshold.  8-8.5 out of 10; nothing more, nothing less.

    • Run 2: 9x30s, 3 minutes recovery

      Should be getting the hang of these runs by now, and as well as increasing the number of sprints to 9, I also want you to try and increase your pace especially as you accelerate.

      Recover well before going off again, and give it everything you’ve got!

    • Run 3: Burn Downs

      (3,2,1) x3

      We did a similar session back in week 6 but there are a few changes for today’s workout.

      First of all there’s an extra set snuck in there, and secondly the recoveries are different too.

      In between the 3 and the 2 minute runs, take a ONE minute rest, then between the 2 and the 1 minute runs take just 30 seconds.

      After the 1 minute run you need to take THREE minutes of recovery before going for the next round.

      Your pace should get slightly faster for each of the runs, but with minimal recovery don’t expect to be sprinting by the end!

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