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    Although this isn’t a nutrition program it is worth mentioning the importance of a good diet when you’re putting more stress on your body with this type of training.

    When you train you put your body under increasing amounts of stress.  Don’t worry this is a good thing, but it’s important that you have two ingredients to help you get the most from your hard efforts: recovery and good nutrition.

    Recovery is essential as it allows your body to heal and repair itself – that’s what turns you into a faster and more confident runner – but none of this can take place without the nutrients you can only get from your diet.

    You don’t need to knock back plate after plate of pasta just because all the running magazines tell you it’s the best thing since sliced bread for runners (pun intended).  There’s lots more to running nutrition than just getting enough carbs into your body.

    The best strategy I have found is to remove (or at least limit) the amount of wheat, sugar, processed foods and dairy in your diet.  If you fill your body with nutrients from vegetables and fruit, meat and fish, beans and pulses, and small amounts of starchy carbs such as sweet potato, quinoa, rice and oats you will find that you recover faster and feel better than ever before.

    widget cookbook blue Running NutritionI created a cook book with 30 breakfast recipes, 30 lunches, and 30 dinners that will give you a few ideas of the sort of food you should be preparing to help you fuel your running through this Course and beyond.

    The Clean Food Concepts Beginner’s Guide To Eating Clean also includes meal planner, shopping lists and more tips & tricks to help you integrate Clean eating into your family life.

    Clean Food Concepts cook book

    Nobody expects you to be perfect with your diet (where’s the fun in that!) but there’s definitely something to be said for eating Clean 80% of the time.

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