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    What Happens Next?

    What Happens Next?

    Once you have completed The Running Apprentice Course you have graduated from beginner runner to just plain runner.  From here, there’s nothing you can’t do but the question is, what is the next step?

    The logical sequence of events would be to train for a 10k, then a half marathon and then a marathon.  Or perhaps the idea of running for hours on end holds no appeal and so you decide you’d like to stick to 10k runs.  Maybe you’ll bypass the 10k and half marathon and go straight in at the Big One.

    Whatever you decide to do, you should have the confidence that you have all the tools required to make a real success of it.

    The great thing about doing an event for the first time is that you are guaranteed to get a personal best (PB).  Once you have done it once and decide to do it again your challenge will be to beat it.

    I would love to help coach you through your next adventure, and now you have completed The Running Apprentice Course you will be more than capable of completing any of them.

    Intelligent Marathon << 16 week marathon coaching program

    Intelligent Half Marathon << 12 week half marathon coaching program

    i10 Project << 10 week 10k training program

    You’ll recognise a lot of what you have already learned during this Course in each of these three programs, and it’d be great to help you through the next leg of your journey.


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